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Hello, everybody,

Huge congratulations to “Go! English” language school on having received the “stamp of approval” from the London IELTS committee to become the 1st official test-taking facility in Voronezh. It’s a great privilege to have been able to meet the international standard.

A few words regarding the venue itself. There is virtually zero complaints to have. On the contrary, the place was clean, organized, reasonably-sized, not crowded and decently air-conditioned. The head of the center was nothing but polite on the test day, and the day before that. She was super-friendly and welcoming.

Oh, most importantly, there was food up for grabs haha

They had cookies, candy, tea and coffee to cheer you up.

So thank you, “Go! English”. That was a positive experience start to finish.

And best of luck to everybody with their exams.

Olga K, 03/10/2018.
Подготовка, сдача IELTS в Воронеже, Учеба, Работа
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