Лучший способ свободно заговорить на иностранных языках - Like English!

Speaking - научим вести свободно беседы и монологи

Учим говорить свободно в диалогах и монологах - (ч.4 Разговорный тест в IELTS)

Разговорный тест - это последняя часть IELTS.
Это занимает от 11 до 15 минут. За это время экзаменатор задает кандидату около 25 вопросов. Стандартное знакомство при встрече с экзаменатором.

Тест состоит из трех частей.

Часть 1 - касается личных вопросов: где вы живете, чем занимаетесь - плюс две короткие знакомые темы.

Часть 2 - кандидат говорит на одну тему, которую экзаменатор выбирает. Говорить нужно в течение двух минут. Это около 350 слов.

Часть 3 - в последней части экзаменатор задает вопросы, относящиеся к теме Части 2.

Structure of the test

The test is divided into three sections.

You are given a reading passage with questions in each section. The questions can be both before and after the passages.

The topics of the passage are of general interest and come from magazines, journals, books and newspapers. At least one of the passages will present a logical argument.

The texts increase in difficulty as the test progresses. There may be a glossary of technical words.

Особенности при самостоятельной подготовке

Подготовиться к IELTS speaking самостоятельно вполне реально, но с преподавателем - это проще.


  1. Слушать подкасты, повторять за спикером. Это поможет вам держать ритм и темп речи.

  2. Смотрите ютуб, ТЭД на английском языке.

  3. С первых уровков начните записывать себя диктофон - переслушивайте, услыште свои ошибки.

  4. Учите новые слова в контексте, составляйте свои майнд- карты - вы вспомните про них, при необходимости.

    Speaking включает 3 части, примерные ответы можно посмотреть ниже:

    L et’s talk about your neighbourhood.

    (What is the area where you live like?) I live in a quiet residential area, but it is only a ten minute walk into
    town so it is the perfect location really - close to all the shops and
    restaurants, but without all of the noise of a busy road.

    (What is there to do?) Well, there isn’t a lot to do in the immediate area - there is a nice park, and a coffee shop or two - but it’s only a short walk into town where there is everything you could ever want! My favourite place to go is
    this one street which is full of interesting little shops, selling things like books, vintage clothes or antiques. I love these shops because you never know what you might find!

    (What is the house you live in like?) I live in a terraced house, which means there are houses attached to
    ours on both sides. The house has three floors - the ground floor has our living room and a kitchen with doors to the garden, and the top two floors have all the bedroom s and bathrooms.

    (Who do you live with?) I live with my Dad - I have an older brother and sister
    who also used to live with, but they have both moved out into their own homes now. I quiet enjoy the peace and quiet now I’m the only kid still at home!

    (Would you prefer to live somewhere else?)
    I love my home, but I must admit I’ve always wanted to live out in the middle of the countryside. It would be weird to get used to the quiet - and the darkness at night, without any streetlights! - but I think that I would really enjoy the space and the slower pace of life. Living in town means that there are always places to go and life can be very hectic. I imagine living in the countryside to be much more relaxing.

    Now let’s talk about music.
    What’s your favourite type of music?
    I’m not sure that I have a favourite type of music - 1 enjoy all sorts -
    but I suppose I listen to acoustic music a lot. I’ve always enjoyed guitar
    and piano music, so anything with a person singing and playing an instrum ent suits me.
    Do you play any musical instruments?
    No. I wish I could play the piano but I’ve never had the opportunity
    to learn. Maybe one day I will finally get round to having some lessons!

    Do you have a favourite band?
    My favourite band of all time is Turin Brakes - 1 listen to their albums
    all the time, and I’ve seen them perform live three times. I think
    they’re brilliant!

    Are you a good singer?
    Hmm, I’m not sure good is the right word to describe my singing! I’m
    not completely out of tune, but I think the best place for my voice is
    in the shower!
    Do you like to perform in public?
    The thought of performing in public fills me with fear! I would just be
    so self-conscious and nervous, worrying about embarrassing myself.
    So no, I don’t think performing is for me!
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